It Doesn't Make It Easier

by Tamas

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It Doesn't Make It Easier was recorded live at an empty store front in Marion, IN.


released April 8, 2015

Guitar/Vocals: Devin Hopwood
Drums/Vocals: Jonah Yoshonis
Bass: Ben Wichman
Guitar: Eric Stoff



all rights reserved


Tamas Indiana

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Track Name: Thin Place
Sometimes it feels like You're in the other room.
Some days it feels like You're in another world.

There are nights when I'm alone
my brain starts thinking way too much of
what is right and what is sin
and how do we fit into this.
It's so hard following ghosts.
I'm so afraid, I don't want to be wrong.
I'm questioning things every day.

I have Your body stuck between my teeth
but I've already forgotten what it means to me.

I just want to be in a thin place
where I can feel You.
Can You feel me?
Track Name: Neighbors
When all this is over will we still be on the same side?
I can't lie, you're someone I don't want to lose.

We grew from kids into bigger kids.
It's natural for us to grow apart.
We grow apart. You're someone I don't want to lose.

I'm still chasing dreams as childish as it seems.
I just want to be the better man.

If you believe that my words were true and all of our times were good,
then we will always have that.
I know that you will do great things with out me.
I hope that I do too.

You're someone I don't want to lose.
Track Name: Ankle High
I know now what you meant then.
If I knew would it be different?
I suppose.
But who could ever know?

I got lost and I missed my friends.
They're still here, sometimes I see them
and it's weird.
But I want it to be better.

I know that I will be alive again.
Sometimes you have to go away for a while.

I'll hold on to the truth I have.
It remains when I lose track of myself.
I swear I'm doing better.

It's so shallow, ankle high.
You wanted to be covered.
It's not there, you don't know why.
You're not where you thought you were.
Track Name: Melton
Will you wake up?
I see you breathing but you're not speaking up.
It's like there's a glass wall and you're on the other side.

How long do you
plan to stay there because I need you to move?
So you can tell me that I won't be alone.

But I know those are promises that you can't keep.

Smoke in your lungs.
The smell comforted me when I was young.
Like the sound of shuffling cards through your thumbs.

Who would of guessed
something comforting created death?
But what does it matter how we go?

If you don't want to stay, let me know.
I'm not saying it makes it easier.
Trapped inside of your own body, selfishness controls me.
I'm not saying it makes it easier.

We were born and we will die.
Everybody knows, it doesn't make it easier.
Track Name: Love That I Know
How do You stay so silent
watching someone ruin your plans?
Some say it's strength, some say it's weakness.
Some call it joy, some say it's pain.

I need to know.

I don't know how to love You.
I don't understand.
Because love that I know doesn't fill me.
Because love that I know doesn't last.

I need to know.

Have I gone too far from You?
Have I gone too far?

There's no other.
Track Name: Bird
You were a light for me
stable ground to plant my feet.
You were a shelter.

When things aren't always there
You were the four legs beneath my chair.
You were a sure thing.

Now I never feel you around.

When did you start living like a beggar?
You were given it all.

Now I never see you around.

You're a bird that I keep chasing.
I'll never fully know you.
You're the spirit speaking softly.
I can barely hear you.

Lord, why can't I hear you?